Successful Men Are Not 'Dabblers'

What is a dabbler?

A dabbler is a person who flirts with success but never commits to it.

A dabbler is someone who can talk the talk but rarely walks the walk. He can be brilliant at regurgitating other people's wisdom but does not have a proven long term record of success to match his knowledge.

You may see a dabbler engaging in new ventures, sports, relationships etc with a lot of enthusiasm at the start. He may be overjoyed and may even share his new experiences with people in their family and friend circle and work colleagues.

But very soon, the dabblers enthusiasm and energy in the project starts to wane. His performance starts to plateau. His lack of results starts to show.

At this point the dabbler may start to rationalize and justify his lack of results. He will refuse to internally accept responsibility and will pass the blame. He may even lash out at someone for bringing to his attention that he has failed at producing results.

What is ironic is that a dabbler delights at signs of progress. But he refuses to do anything that involves a firm long term commitment or short term risk. He is in bondage of old mental conditioning and is unable to entertain new ideas for the long term that may conflict with his current thinking.

He may rationalize his inability to produce results by calling himself an 'adventurer'. He is occasionally heard dispensing the advice - 'life is not about doing' or 'we are human beings not human doings'.

Dabblers always have an excuse for not committing. Of course, the dabbler will always tell you that his excuse is a genuine reason.

Here is the truth.

Dabblers do not become successful.


Because success requires not just knowing the path, but also walking the path for the long term.

The best antidote to dabbling is to decide and commit.

So if you want to be successful, stop dabbling and start committing to the things required for you to become successful.

- Ron Malhotra