The Link Between Your Ability To Concentrate & Your Success

Let's face it. Our educational system and our stimulation addicted society no longer emphasizes the virtues of concentration.

Many of you may have even looked at the length of this article and probably thought it's too long.

In fact, most people's eyes roll at the prospect of studying and having to deeply think about something. With the internet and social media, our attention spans are getting smaller and smaller.

But is that a good thing? Can your inability to concentrate hinder your success?

Here is something you may not be aware of when it comes to the mental faculty of 'concentration'.

The word concentration is derived from two Latin words - con and centrum, meaning 'to bring to' and 'common point'. The two words collectively mean 'the act of bringing to a fixed or common point'.

If you observe in nature, you will notice that the strongest forces of nature become ever more powerful when their entire force is directed to a common point, instead of when the force is scattered all over the place.

Steam becomes so much more powerful when it is directed through a small opening instead when it is allowed to spread widely in the air. Same thing with electricity. Or gas. Or think about the power of sun rays when intensified through a magnified glass.

You get the point?

In many cultures zen practitioners impress upon their students the importance of acquiring the power to concentrate, because they are well aware that this ability would allow students to gain miraculous results.

It is a fact that very few people possess more than a very small ability to concentrate. Most people allow their concentration to be scattered in all directions and because of this they fail to produce any major results in life.

Being able to concentrate is one of the strongest mental powers we possess. By nurturing this ability and focusing your mind upon a given goal or aspiration firmly for a long period of time, you will yield mental powers that will surprise you and propel your results in any chosen area.

Because most people's minds are restless, easily distracted and untrained, concentration can be difficult. But with intentional practice, you can develop this ability and yield the rewards.

The ability to concentrate has personally allowed me to write 3 books, finish a number of formal qualifications, grow 3 businesses, achieve financial security, manage 2 radio gigs, speak internationally and produce regular content for the last 3 years.

If you want to produce tangible results, do not allow your mental energies to be drained and scattered.

Develop the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. It will be difficult in the beginning no doubt, but it will serve you well in achieving your goals.

You can thank me later for this advice ๐Ÿ˜Š.

- Ron Malhotra