Becoming An Exemplary Human

When it comes to happiness and success, many of us find ourselves hopelessly searching for a better life.

Many people are yet to rise above the endless array of distractions including sports, entertainment, alcohol and consumerism, which at best only provide a temporary fix of fulfillment.

Through study and personal development, some people have developed an understanding of their body, mind and emotions, so they can live better lives.

However, when it comes to enduring fulfillment, success and happiness, none of the above are sufficient.

If a person wishes to tap into their highest potential, make a difference to the world, and experience sustained fulfillment, it requires an understanding and development of their spiritual nature.

Spiritual growth is an essential component of both personal and professional development and is not about religion as some people confuse it to be.

It is about becoming your highest self, the exemplary human you were really born to be.

Spiritual connectedness is the only thing that will allow us to access the voice of our highest self which can effectively guide our lives and decisions through the use of our higher (intuitive) senses.

It needs to be understood that our spiritual nature can no longer be viewed as a separate journey from our personal and professional endeavors.

After years of study and practice, I am now convinced that there exists an undeniable connection between the spiritual, personal and our professional life.

Your spiritual outlook determines how you see the world. This determines how you act personally and professionally.

Whether we realise it or or, each one of us is a leader and role model regardless of what we do in our jobs. We can be leaders to our children, to our coworkers, and to everyone we come in contact with.

However, authentic leadership requires that we lead ourselves first. We do the spiritual work to develop a deep inner self-awareness and compassion for the world around us. And we put in the effort required to make a difference in the world, not to just serve ourselves.

In the pursuit of happiness & success, most of us are conditioned to develop our mental, technical and even physical abilities.

However despite that, many find themselves lacking true creativity, performance, happiness and fulfillment.

This is because when spiritual understanding is lacking, we fail to connect with our inner wisdom, we fail to connect with others and we fail to connect the world around us.

Spiritual growth helps us move beyond our selfish, immature needs for validation & attention and our wants for possessions & entertainment towards wisdom, compassion and service.

It unlocks our full human potential, personal fulfillment and results in higher levels of success that we never thought possible.

Make 2017 the year that you connect with your inner self for a better relationship with the outer world.

This is the ultimate way to honor yourself and to become an exemplary human.

Merry Christmas

Your Friend

- Ron Malhotra