What Kind Of Person Are You?

There are only two kinds of people in the world today. Just two kinds.

Not the sinners and the saints, because it's well known that sinners have some good and saints have some bad in them.

Not the rich and the poor, because some rich are poor in health & relationships and some poor are rich in it.

Not the proud and the humble, because some proud have humility and some humble people are proud of their endeavors.

Not the sad and the happy, because all sad people will experience laughter at some stage and all happy people will have to shed tears one day.

NO- the two kinds of people in the world are: - the people who GROW, and the people who SHRINK.

No matter where in the world you go, you will find people are always divided into just these two categories.

And if you look, you will find that for every growth person, there are twenty who shrink.

So, ask yourself this: in which category are you?

Are you easing the load or are you adding to the load?

Do you add value to others or do you take value from others?

Do you create or do you criticize?

Do you lift others or do you lean on others?

Do you embrace challenges or do you avoid them?

Are you intentional or do you drift?

Are you moving forward or are you staying stagnant?

Are you growing or are you shrinking?

- Ron Malhotra