What Should I Do If I Have Breached Someone's Trust?

Having authentic influence is a big part of leadership.

To become influential, it is important for us to earn people's trust.

It is only when people know us and trust us, that they are willing to help us and support us with our vision and goals.

Trust can take a long time to build and there are no short cuts that will build genuine trust with people. Trust takes time, authenticity, good intentions towards others and congruency between words and actions.

Sometimes, a mistake on our part can cause for trust with another person to be lost.

We are all human and sometimes trust can be compromised when we inadvertently act out of selfishness or fail to take into consideration others needs and feelings.

It may not be an intentional act on our part, but if it hurts someone, they may be reluctant to trust us again.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have breached someone's trust, consider the following steps.

It may not restore the trust immediately, but it may just save the relationship in the long term.

1. Firstly, if you have breached someone's trust and they are upset with you, their reaction and behavior may be totally understandable. Do not try and defend yourself because you will come across as self-centered and defensive.

2. Apologise. With sincerity.

3. Reflect on what caused you to breach the trust in the first place. Learn from the experience.

4. Put steps in place to correct the practices or behaviors that resulted in the breach of trust.

5. Remind yourself that when it comes to restoring trust- 'what you do' speaks louder than 'what you say.'

6. Do not take other people's trust in you for granted. Because it can take years to build trust and moments to lose it.

If we do the above, we may just save the relationship. Not only that, we may also avoid losing more relationships.

Remember, If we don't value people and our relationships with them, our influence will be limited in life.

Your friend

- Ron Malhotra