Do You Have Critics? Yes? Congratulations!

Did you know that study after study has shown that the more successful you become, the more critics you attract?

Successful people have always been criticised more than unsuccessful people because they choose to not follow the crowd.

So what is a critic?

A critic can be defined as someone who makes negative judgements and predictions about other people.

Unlike mentors, who focus on how people can improve themselves, critics are not interested in helping people (or even themselves) improve their performance. In fact, they seem to enjoy watching people fail. They appear to derive a lot of satisfaction from their negative predictions coming true.

Critics can be naysayers who tend to be more passive or they can be haters who tend to be more active in their opinions.

The really vicious critics have a real talent for voicing negative predictions. Often they are jealous of talented people and people who are determined to succeed.

The majority of successful people have been criticised but have learnt to either ignore their critics or use their critics as a source of inspiration.

If you are someone who is interested in succeeding and making a difference, know this- you will be criticised.

If you are ambitious and hard-working, your success will unfortunately threaten a lot of people.

Successful people ignore their critics and do not allow negative predictions or evaluations to weaken their resolve.

In addition to ignoring the critics, you can also try of the following tips to help you deal with critics:

1. Stay in top shape: physical fitness will give you more energy to withstand criticism.

2. Have strong values: character and integrity will help you deal with criticism better. People with integrity have a stronger sense of right and wrong and truth and fabrication.

3. Surround yourself with successful and inspiring people: this will provide you with positive energy to deal with the critics.

4. Use critics as inspiration: when you get criticised or excluded from social groups, treat that as a sign that you may be on your path to success. Use this to strengthen your resolve to remain committed to your journey.

Remember, learning to ignore the criticism of detractors significantly correlates to economic and career success.

As Malcolm X one said - "if you have no critics, you likely have no success".

- Ron Malhotra