Loving Ourselves And Others

A big part of 'success development' is for us to develop not just our mind and body, but for us to also tap into our heart and spirit.

Anyone who has studied the law of attraction knows that our feelings determine our vibration, which in turn triggers the law of attraction.

When we open our heart, we raise our consciousness. This increases our vibration. Even science has shown that love puts us on a higher frequency. When we feel love, we experience more aliveness and feelings of renewal.

Loving ourself allows us to accept ourselves as we are. The best part is that it also allows us to love others better.

As we love ourselves and others more, we minimize the feelings of separateness from ourselves and others. Our bodies start to produce a finer vibrational frequency and this puts us in touch with our higher self.

As someone who is achievement orientated, I can sometimes be my own worst critic. Whilst judging myself may help me strive more and perform better in the short to medium term, if I do not regularly remind myself of the importance of exercising my spiritual intelligence and opening my heart to myself and others, I will never be my highest self.

Love has always been and will always be the door to true enlightenment. This undeniable truth has been confirmed and re-confirmed in every field of human study from science to philosophy, from sociology to theology.

When we love our ourselves, others and our collective humanity, we truly start to express our divine nature.

- Ron Malhotra