Be Curious To Be Successful

What is curiosity? Is curiosity a keen desire to learn new facts and information?

No. Curiosity is more than that. It is not just about learning, it is also about 'learning to do.'

Successful people are curious and are always learning from other people who are performing.

They keep learning and once they have learnt how to do one thing, they seek out knowledge in other or related areas, constantly evolving their skills and ability to take action.

Look at Kobe Bryant as an example. The biggest difference between Kobe and other NBA players is that Kobe never stops learning to take action.

When he first entered the league, he had a keen desire to learn all aspects of basketball - from foot work, defense, closing, outside shots and every other technique of the game. He learnt the fundamentals, the strategies and the tactics.

He had a burning desire to learn, and the maturity to know that he did not know everything he needed to know to become a champion. 

Most of Kobe's colleagues and competitors were satisfied to be in the pros. But not Kobe. He wanted to be the greatest in the world.

Kobe Bryant is just one example. Our world is full of example of legendary people who keep learning, taking action and growing. 

The secrets, principles, strategies and tactics  of success are available to anyone who has a keen sense of curiosity and wants to learn. 

So develop a keen desire to learn more and never lose your childlike curiosity to take action. That is the quality that legends are made of.

Your friend

- Ron Malhotra