Do You Misunderstand Success

When I talk about success on social media, podcast, media interviews or my blog, the most common question or objection that I get is - "isn't success different for different people?"

Yes, success may be different for different people, however no one can deny that it is hard to feel successful if you are not feeling healthy and good about yourself.

It is hard to feel successful if you are constantly stressed about your bills and finances.

It is hard to feel successful when you are in a job or career that you are not passionate about and involved in work that does not inspire passion in you.

It is hard to feel successful if your life is one dimensional and there is lack of diversity of experiences.

It is hard to feel successful if you have little or no influence in your family, industry or community.

It is hard to feel successful if you do not have people that know you, like you and believe in you.

It is hard to feel truly successful, if you are never able to help loved ones and those in need.

It is hard to feel successful if you feel that your life and what you do doesn't really matter.

It is hard to feel successful if you are unable to achieve the dreams that are important and meaningful to you.

So we can start to see that despite success being different for different people, there are some universal applications of success, that apply to most people, if not to everyone.

Success is also a very misunderstood concept.

For example:

Should success resemble the wealth of Warren Buffet, the athleticism of Usain Bolt, the entrepreneurial flair of Richard Branson or the compassion of the Dalai Lama?

Or should it be something different altogether?

One of the things that needs to be remembered is that if a person does not have a clear concept of success, and what constitutes success for them, it is almost impossible to achieve it.

You are unlikely to hit a target you cannot see. Success requires clarity, intention, the right knowledge and the right actions.

An extensive study of success factors revealed that success universally incorporates the following three elements (at the very least):

1. Living your purpose
2. Maximising your potential
3. Adding value to others

Can anyone argue with that?

Are you really living your purpose? Are you definitely maximising your potential? Are you proactively finding ways to add value to other people?

'The Successful Male Blueprint' is designed as a roadmap to assist men in understanding and applying the fundamentals of success and achieve the kind of success that would help them live a more fulfilling life.

Without the proper understanding and application of achievement principles, people risk living a life where they trade their time doing things that they don't really enjoy doing, being with people they don't really want to be with and being in situations that are not really consistent with their truest desires.

Getting caught up in an irrelevant debate about success being different for different people does not achieve anything for anyone.

It actually detracts from ever commencing the journey of success.

Your friend

- Ron Malhotra

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