Would You Like A Peak Performance Personal Schedule?

Did you know that many of the world's peak performers spend the first 60-90 minutes on themselves, instead of allowing regular daily schedules to run them. 

Here is a morning routine that can help you achieve peak performance and take back control of your life.

1. Wake up very early. (5am or 6am)

2. Meditate or spend some time in silence. (15 minutes)

3. Review your goals by visualizing or affirming them (10 minutes)

4. Write down (journal) something you would like to have happen to you today and emotionalise it (5 minutes)

5. Exercise - gym, walk or run (25 minutes)

6. Write a 'to do' list for the day (5 minutes)

7. Prioritise your days activities (5 minutes)

8. Eat a nutritious breakfast (20 minutes) 

9. Read something inspirational (10 minutes)

You are now ready to get the most out of yourself and smash your day.

Your friend

- Ron Malhotra