Why Your Job Can Kill Your Success

If you’re stuck in an office job that takes up 9 hours a day (including lunch), plus 2 hours’ commute every day, that’s 11 hours gone.

If you sleep 8 hours, you really have 5 hours left in your day, most of it taken up by trivial things such as showering, getting clothes and meals ready for work, etc.

What makes it worse is that it's 5 hours in the evening, when you really don’t want to be spending time on personal development, starting a business, working out, researching, investing, meditation and other beneficial activities that will ACTUALLY PROPEL YOUR SUCCESS in life and provide you with genuine fulfillment.

You’re more likely to want to just have a great dinner, read a magazine, maybe watch some TV/YouTube, and then shower and get ready for bed, after a long tiring day at work.

You most likely have no energy left to develop yourself and to improve your life. Not only will this stop you from growing mentally, it is also a sure formula for diseases such as anxiety, blood pressure, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, obesity, persistent migraines, diabetes and heart disease.

The traditional work system is deliberately set up this way by the government and corporations to keep you unambitious, immobile, complacent, consumerist, and conformist.

Your weekends are so time poor and precious that you probably need to catch up on sleep and chores. So again, you have no free time left for self-improvement or improving your life.

Everything you have — every fiber of your being, every ounce of attention, every pulsating neuron — is channeled towards your job, enriching your boss and the government more than it will ever enrich you. This is the biggest reason why most people who are simply chasing a job or chasing money will remain unsuccessful, uninspired and unhappy.

Making money is easy. Making money while doing what you love..... now that’s a lot harder.
If you’re truly smart, that’s what you should strive for. And we’re not talking about delusional passions, like, “Oh, I a work for a blue chip company, I’m living the dream!”


People enjoy singing, drawing, playing sports, writing, eating, helping others, coaching, travelling, speaking etc

Those are activities people truly enjoy because they come from the heart, not the brain. If you can make a great living from that, then yes, you’re a success.

Anyone these days can start a company, invest in the stock market, flip real estate, etc. and make money over the course of their lifetimes. It’s so common that it’s not even impressive anymore.

The people who we truly hold admiration for are those who earn their money WHILE doing what they really really love: singers, actors, writers, mentors, speakers, entrepreneurs, athletes, etc. 
Many of them figured out a way to become wealthy doing what they like to do naturally.

These people are the true winners of life.

Not those who traded away their happiness and the calling of their soul just to make a living.

Doing what you love and making money out of it is what it is all about.

That is true success.

So consider this advice...

Go part time, downgrade your car, sell some stuff, sleep less, do whatever you have to in order to be able to invest in your personal growth.

In the beginning it is hard, but you must find a way to break the pattern, or you will find yourself trapped forever, giving up all your time and enjoyment -- just to earn a living!

There is no point in making a good living, if you are also not making a great life.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Your friend,

Ron Malhotra