Intellect Alone Is Not Going To Assure Your Future.

Are you someone who was conditioned to predominantly use your intellectual faculties of analysis, reasoning, and memory to make life and business decisions?

Do you believe that the right decisions can be made through data, facts & figures and due diligence alone?

Are you someone who is highly academic, but struggles with creative concepts or out of the box thinking?

If you are, take note. In case you haven't noticed, the world is changing fast.

As the trends of technology replacement continue, as the youth of Asia and Africa emerge, as there is a shift from information and Industrial Age towards a 'consciousness/social' age, the winners of tomorrow will be those who know how to combine intellectual intelligence with intuitive heart-based and spiritual intelligence.  

In addition, employers who only value employees because of their physical and mental exertion, and fail to recognise their employees as complete human beings having spiritual and emotional needs, will struggle to retain and engage those employees.

This residual of the industrial age is still hanging around the workplace, but not for long.

Are you ready for the future?

Your friend,

- Ron Malhotra

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