Why Do Most People Fail To Achieve A High Level Of Success? 

It is estimated that only between 1%-3% people worldwide truly become successful in all aspects of being healthy, having meaningful relationships, financial security, purposeful life, inspiring work, influence and the ability to make an influential impact and a difference to the lives of others.

Why do only a relatively small percentage of people worldwide equip themselves with the understanding of how to bring certainty into their lives - which, by no "coincidence", just happens to mirror the bigger picture - with less than 1% of the world's population enjoying financial freedom.

It's all because of how they've been programmed.

When you've been conditioned for security, you don't make decisions aligned to bringing  success into your life. 

Instead you'll either dismiss the possibility, perceive it to be a "risk", or both. 

You don't think in terms of return on investment, you think cost. You don't think in terms of outcomes, you think in terms of outlay.

You value the physical cash in your hand (security) far more than how it can be leveraged to grow your personal success.

Now let me make something abundantly clear: I'm not mocking anyone here. If I am, I'm only mocking myself. 

Myself,I've spent the vast majority of my life programmed for security rather than massive life success and financial freedom.

Seven years ago I made one single decision that was diametrically opposed to how I'd been programmed to make decisions - a decision which instantly took me in the direction of bringing success to my life so it could also generate certainty in my life.

That single decision was to learn the proven methods by which very successful people take control of their life results.

You already know the benefits of engaging in personal development, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this post.

However, if you think that what I have learnt in my personal development won't do the same for you as its done for me, think again - because what's prompting you to think that way is exactly what I've discussed in this message - the deep seated "security" programming that's limiting you by sabotaging your decision-making.

As Wallace D. Wattles observed in The Science of Getting Rich; "Getting rich is not dependent upon engaging in some particular business, but upon your learning to do things in a certain way."

There's a stark choice to be made.

 Do you learn to do things in a certain way to free yourself from the shackles of your programming which condemns you to a lifetime of mediocrity or do you opt for the less travelled road to personal and financial success?

Do you equip yourself with the all-important knowledge to bringing success into your life so it can bring more certainty to your life, or do you continue to remain none the wiser, being forever kicked around by your circumstances?

To continue to follow the masses, do nothing.

Your friend 

Ron Malhotra

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