Do I need an ABN?
Yes.  For all Australian-based mentors you will need an ABN.  If you do not already have an ABN you will need to apply for one.  For all international-based mentors, you will need to follow the appropriate processes in order to set up a company or sole-trading business where you are able to invoice your students / clients.

Do I need my own website and email address?
This is entirely up to you, however given that you will be running your own sole trading business or company, you will set up and manage your own email address and website if you wish.  There are many providers that allow you to purchase and set up customized domains such as godaddy (ie., or alternatively an email with a generic domain such as  In terms of websites, you can choose to direct your clients to our website.  Alternatively, you can set up your own website or simple landing page to capture your own leads.  There are any landing page options such as Unbounce or Landing Pages with ample training provided.

How do I order my business cards?
Head back to the Mentor Resource page and go to Marketing Material.  Check out the business card galleries and download the "Mentor Business Cards Order Form". 

Is there anything I can give to my prospective clients / students to provide more information about The Success Blueprint?
Yes, we have developed a brochure which explains The Success Blueprint in more detail.  We have allowed space on the back page for you to add your contact details so your prospective student knows who gave it to them.  This brochure can be found via the Marketing Material link on the Mentor Resource page. 

How do I enrol my students and invoice them?
Enrollment of your students into The Success Blueprint is managed by The Successful Male Admin team, however you manage your client.  In order for them to be enrolled into the program via The Successful Male Academy in teachables, you must complete the student enrollment process.  Go back into the Mentor Resource page, and click on the link for Student Enrollment.  You will be invoicing your student / client under your business / abn, as you will essentially be a certified mentor of The Success Blueprint, and not an employee of The Successful Male Global Pty. Ltd. 

Click here to access some resources you may wish to use, including invoice copy and a list of providers/suppliers such as merchants to receive payments and accounting software.  >>> CLICK HERE FOR MY RESOURCES

Is the coaching / mentoring agreement I have with my students / clients between me and my students / clients or between The Successful Male Global Pty. Ltd. and my student?
The coaching / mentoring contract will be between you and your student / client as it’s your business and abn who is invoicing your student / client.  We will however have a badge featured at the bottom of the contract template that you will be giving to your students to sign (this is available via the student enrollment link on the Mentor Resources page), which states you are a certified Successful Male Mentor.  In addition to this contract that you will be giving to your students / clients, your students / clients will also fall under the same “Participant Terms of Business” that all participants of The Success Blueprint have to agree to.

How does the payment of my students enrollment work?
You will be purchasing the program from The Successful Male Global Pty. Ltd. for your student / client, then invoicing them whatever your charges are.  For instance, the program will cost you $1,500 (plus GST) for all 3 levels (Aspire / Advance / Achieve), and then you will charge your students a minimum of $5,000, which includes you mentoring your student or you may potentially charge even more if your mentoring services exceed $3,500 – this is really up to the mentor to decide.  

We offer mentors the option to purchase and enroll their students into the program level by level, in the event that students only want to complete level 1 or level 1 and 2.  Please note, they cannot purchase level 2 without having completed level 1, or they cannot purchase level 3 without having completed level 1 and 2 (essentially they need to complete the program in sequence).  The enrollment into one level at a time will cost the mentor $600 + GST per level, and you can then on charge perhaps $2000 per level (including mentoring etc…).  Naturally it is in the student’s best interest to purchase and commit to all 3 levels at once with a potential cost savings, however that is up to the mentor on what they wish to charge.

We will be offering an option for mentors to pay for their student’s enrollment in full or in 2 payments.  (ie. $1500 + GST, or 2 installments of $750 +GST).  We recommend that mentor’s then invoice their students / clients starting with an initial deposit / commitment fee, which covers the cost that the mentor has outlayed for the program, and then a monthly payment plan or payment in full option.

Who do I contact if there is a technical issue with student enrollment?
Please email all enquiries, whether they are general questions or technical issues to  Once received all enquiries will be responded to by the most appropriate person. 

If you have any additional queries that are not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions above, please email the team The Successful Male Global Pty. Ltd. team >>>

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