The Successful Male Mentor Certification
Policies & Procedures

By enrolling in The Successful Male Mentor program, you have made the commitment to complete The Success Blueprint curriculum.

You are permitted to commence enrollment conversations with prospects and running events to promote your mentoring services as The Successful Male mentor, provided you are at least one module ahead of the person you are mentoring.

We have permitted you to operate under The Successful Male brand (subject to you signing and agreeing to The Successful Male Mentor Agreement) and for you to use The Success Blueprint intellectual property to mentor, coach and speak. This is conditional upon you completing the requirements to become certified as The Successful Male Mentor.

To be officially issued with a certificate which recognizes you as having gone through The Successful Male Blueprint and achieved the required competencies to mentor, coach and speak, we expect the following criteria to be met:

  1. You agree to go through all the core modules of The Successful Male Blueprint within a 12 month period.

  2. You agree to complete the exercises, activities and recommended reading that corresponds to each module.

  3. You make a reasonable attempt to attend all the required training including any live training or bootcamps.

  4. If you can't attend the regular online training / mentoring sessions, you agree to go through the recording of the call which will be uploaded on the portal, for your convenience.

  5. You complete a comprehensive multiple choice exam after the completion of the curriculum to demonstrate your understanding of the material and competency to teach the contents of The Success Blueprint. Pass rate is 80%.

  6. You abide by all the terms and conditions relating to use of the brand and intellectual property as well as maintain the required code of conduct and standard of professionalism.

The official certificate will be issued in advance of the completion, with the understanding that the above requirements be met.

Please note that failure to comply with the above may result in the revocation of your certification and you will not be allowed to position yourself as The Successful Male Mentor. You will however retain the right to use The Successful Male Blueprint for your personal use only.

If there are any unavoidable or exceptional circumstances, which prevent you from meeting the above requirements, please discuss this with us in advance.

The Team at The Successful Male Global

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