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List of Software or Providers

For those that are new to running your own business, please find following some options regarding software and providers that may assist you in managing your clients / students and providing billing solutions.

Accounting Package

  • MYOB

  • Zero

  • Quickbooks

*** The above are just some examples.  These Accounting Software options allow you to invoice directly out of the software and also receipt when you receive payments to keep a track of any outstanding payments owed to you by your students / clients

Payment Software

- If you are an Australian-based mentor with Australian-based students / clients and you want to offer Credit Card payment solutions, consider Eway.   Eway are a cost effective (Australian-based) merchant facility who allow you to take credit card payments.  It’s free to set up and there are no ongoing monthly fees.  There is however a transaction fee charged per transaction.

- Paypal is another cost effective payment facility and is particularly useful if you want to invoice internationally. Paypal provides protection to both the seller and the buyer.  If you don’t already have a paypal set up to your business bank accounts, start setting this up now, as it can take a few days to authorise the account.  Once again Paypal is free to set up and do not charge an ongoing account keeping fee.  They do however charge transaction fees.


Mail Chimp
- For a cost effective way to keep a record of your students and build up a mailing list, I recommend MailChimp.  For as low as $10 per month on a basic plan, you can collect email addresses and record client information

Active Campaign
- Another software similar to Mail Chimp is Active Campaign.  This is slightly more expensive though however has more features.

You could also opt for traditional CRM such as Sales Force.  Once again it all depends on your budget

*** Please note we are not affiliated with any of the providers / products / companies listed above.  We take no responsibility for your choice of providers / products / companies and these are recommendations only


Copy of Client Invoice Templates
For you to invoice / bill your clients


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