‘The Successful Male bootcamps and learning days are packed full of lessons that help each mentor their capacity to grow the mission and themselves to make a greater impact. Psychology, spirituality, business, teamwork, the capacity to make a difference are all covered in a team that not only gets along but are committed as a family to ensure the TSM movement evolves and gets bigger. So privileged to have be part of a dynamic and world class group headed by a leadership team that promote growth, but offer tremendous support, growth and experience.’

  - Anil Khanna

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'The Success blueprint as opened my eyes to a world of possibility. I am continually discovering things about myself I never knew, and using this information to my advantage by building the best version of myself possible’.

  - David Cowan


The Successful Male Blueprint program was like a flashlight to me in the dark tunnel that I was trapped in. It opened my eyes to a whole world that I was totally asleep to. I loved how I could implement its teachings into my life right away and see results.

As a result of the Blueprint I am the architect of my life rather than a slave to it. As simple as that sounds, it is the difference between living a life that's meaningless and unfulfilled, to living a life that's designed by me, passionate, meaningful and fulfilled.

The mentoring that I received while going through the Blueprint was paramount to my awakening because it enabled me to apply different layers of thinking to all areas of my life and apply myself correctly.

I would recommend The Success Blueprint Program if you’re serious about creating a pivoting point in your life and getting into the driver's seat - this is for you. Nothing else out there will develop you in the areas that The Blueprint will. You will be a completely different person - reborn. You'll never regret it. You are always one decision away from a totally different life - make it this decision. JUST DO IT.

- Dina Aletrari
(TSM mentor Brand Ambassador & Senior Consultant for Ron Malhotra International)


The path of everyone’s life can lead to some unexpected, wonderful ways that can really change your life. This is a bit like what has happen to me since I began my personal development journey with the help of Ron Malhotra’s The Success Blueprint Program.

The decision to begin came from my strong desire of a necessary change in my life. From the very beginning Ron Malhotra showed me a new world and it opened its doors to me. I found out things I have imagined mostly about myself and the potential everyone can hide inside themselves.

My life and my attitude began to change, because I slowly managed to banish some false beliefs that were limiting me. In particular, I appreciated the friendly and practical approach of Ron Malhotra’s The Success Blueprint. Everyone can feel completely at ease and if I had to describe it with two words, I would use “essential tool”.

If one really wants to achieve the change and the improvement desired, I strongly advise to join The Success Blueprint.

- Rodolfo Parlati – Student & Marketing Consultant and Actor


I was at a bit of a low point when I came across Ron Malhotra’s Success Blueprint Program. I wanted to grow, to live a bigger, more effective and fulfilled life.

I loved the depth and *impact* of the learning Ron Malhotra delivers in this program.

My biggest breakthrough was discovering my limiting unconscious beliefs and replacing them with empowering beliefs. This is very powerful stuff. I am only 4 segments into the program ! Most critical so far has been understanding the power of our subconscious, which accounts for 80-90% of our thoughts, feelings, self-image, values, beliefs, habits and actions.

If you’re considering Ron Malhotra’s success blueprint sign up Now. The blueprint is one of the -- if not the — best investments you can make for yourself and for what matters most. It will change your life.

- Forest Ann Miner – Student (Sales and Communications)


Ron Malhotra the Founder of The Successful Male changed my life. His idea, vision and conviction to develop one million men globally drew me to join The Successful Male Team. Being a mother, I know the importance of raising self-aware boys. I had been searching for a way I could fulfil my passion and desire to make a difference. 

I love how Ron is always taking The Successful Male to higher levels which encourages me to step up.  I love the authority I have been given, to get the message out and bring awareness to people.

Ron and The Successful Male Team give extensive support, advice and mentoring. All the resources and systems enabled me to start to grow and add value to others straight away.  

Since doing The Successful Male Mentor program, I have become aware of my patterns of thinking, my behaviours and changing them to best serve me, my family and others. 

My biggest breakthrough is becoming confident within myself, my communication skills have improved. I have the ability to truly advise someone without second guessing myself, because I have a deeper understanding of human behaviour. Ron Malhotra and The Successful Male team have enabled me to peel away layers and my true self and power is coming out. 

For anyone who is looking to be a Successful Male Mentor, your life will never be the same. Your future will be in your sight. The Successful Male Mentor program is an opportunity to not be missed. You will get the support, the mentoring, you will be held accountable and you will grow through all of this, given the effort and focus and attention you put into it. You have all the resources to get you started giving you the ultimate opportunity to put all your energy into being the best Successful Male Mentor and making an impact in the lives of many.

- Nelli Khalil (Student)


My life literally imploded and having hit rock bottom I realised that I needed to change. That’s when I spoke with Ron about joining The Success Blueprint program. Doing so gave me access to not only an amazing mentor to inspire and encourage me in the next steps, but the structure and discipline I needed to really understand how to apply myself for success in life.

Since doing Ron’s program, I have completely revolutionised how I approach my beliefs as well as adapted my daily patterns to support new and ongoing growth.

I now know that I am the master of my destiny.

My breakthrough moment in the program was when I realised I’m able to do anything I believe in and I can achieve my dreams by putting simple things into daily practice.

I loved that The Success Blueprint program is simple and easy to use in bite sized pieces. I was able to easily integrate it into my busy schedule - yet still had great thought-provoking processes to work through. 

Just do it, the benefits are exponential.

- Joanna James – Student (CEO Of Australia’s Best Non Bank Lending Business)


I had this problem that was not going away.  It was a wrong choice investment that I had made in my life. If it wasn't for this program, I won't say I would have killed myself but I would not be here today.

I'm not even half way through. I can't wait, for what's coming ahead of me in this program.

The Successful Male program changed my life.
  - Harry Kochhar – Student (Business Owner)


I was struggling at times especially with when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and what I was capable of doing and I realized my low confidence was one thing impacting on me. My job meant I was away from my wife for 3 weeks out of 4.

The Successful Male Program enabled me to change my thinking, mindset and beliefs which has meant I just got my DREAM JOB, I have a career I’m excited about and I have more time with my wife and family.

The Successful Male program has impacted my life, but also other lives as well. 

  - Dom Basic – Student (Project Manager / Engineer)

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