The Successful Male Is A Respectful Man


There Is No Success Without Respect

What is the difference between boys and men?  
It can be summed up in two words... Respect & Responsibility!

The Respectful Man is an ongoing initiative which is aimed at male-dominated businesses, associations and organisations. 

The idea is to help men become more self-aware, self-empowered, socially aware and help them achieve mastery over their emotions and behaviours in order to eliminate the incidents of disrespect, sexism, domestic violence, bullying and substance abuse to name a few. 

If you belong to an organisation, sports association or a male-dominated business, struggling with systemic issues around culture or behaviours, talk to us.

The Successful Male movement is not about achieving success in it's conventional terms (which many times can be devoid of social conscience and responsibility).  Today the epidemic that we see playing out in regards to macho behaviours, violence and bullying are symptoms of a much bigger problem.  It needs to be understood when men feel more heart-centric, self-aware, purposeful, inspired, connected, self-assured and clear on their roles and responsibilities, there is a positive flow on effect to families, communities and industries. 

This initiative is headed by Ron Malhotra and Georgia Ellis.  We are able to provide tailored programs and workshops to help you tackle the serious issues of macho culture which is typically a consequence and by-product of low self-awareness and "group-think" tendencies.

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